80 years of experience in the automotive sector

The automotive is closely linked to ORAN’s history.

Our lengthy trajectory has allowed us to developus remarkable know-how and a good share of the experience we apply in our projects and those of other sectors.

80 years in which we have not only applied our principle of continuous improvement, but also we’ve developped one of our greatest strengths: flexibility.

Thanks to it, we’ve been able to adapt to the constant evolution of the sector, as well as to adapt to the needs of our clients through all this years.

Flexiblity allow us to adapt to give our clients the maximum value added

Production of big batches

Small batches for high-end vehicles

After-market production

Adaptation from transfer to tandem process in a competitive way

Maintenace, repair and overhaul of toolings

Our quest to add value to our clients has led us to offer a highly flexible service. This allow us to focus the projects according to the characteristics and specific opportunities of each case.

We adapt to your needs, whether you want us to take care of the whole production process or just one stage of it.

A strategic partner for leading suppliers

Committed to quality and demanding with our own work, we are always in the search of finding improvement in our services. Our highly trained team, backed with the analysis of the data gathered from our processes, help us deliver our best. A service endorsed by the IATF 16949 certification.

Our quality department, leaning on a resourceful metrology center, guarantees the repetition
of our fabrication, as well as the capability of our productive processes.